Expert on giving, small business and women’s leadership and entrepreneurship

Joanna Krotz contributes to a range of multimedia, including books, magazines and online journals. She also creates and produces digital and print newsletters and custom publications. Here’s a roundup of her work.

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Being Equal Doesn’t Mean Being the Same:
Why Behaving Like a Girl Can Change Your Life and Grow Your Business
Because when men make the rules, women don’t advance.

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U.S. State Department Women in the World Today: Global Women’s Issues and the Beijing Platform for Action

Girl Power: Philanthropists Jennifer & Peter Buffett Are Investing $1 Billion in All the Right Places

The Power of Empowerment: Sheryl WuDunn on Becoming an Unexpected Advocate

Women for Women: Profiles of three charity heroines who are wielding the power of one.

Teach Your Children Well: Charity still begins at home

5 Smart Steps to Starting a Giving Circle

A Woman’s Guide to Giving: How to find your cause and
make an impact with your money

Revolution Redux: How today’s second wave of activist women
are reconfiguring the face and finances of philanthropy

Women & Wealth: You can’t live happily ever after if you don’t take care
of your money — it’s as simple as that

The Power of One: It’s still possible for one person with one idea to improve the lives of many

The Microsoft Small Business Kit: A comprehensive handbook for entrepreneurs
planning a startup or looking to grow their business